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Systems and Equipment Maintenance

Services with subscription

  • Intervention is based on a phone call
  • The wait time for an intervention is maximum 3 days
  • This type of service is priced according to the duration of the intervention or its type

Services without subscription

  • This category is particularly targeted at companies
  • It is necessary to conclude a service contract beforehand
  • Intervention takes place in maximum 24 hours from contact
  • Flexibility in choosing subscriptions and tariffs

What is the procedure?

    Each individual subscription provides a number of hours and a maximum number of interventions. Depending on the type of maintenance chosen you will be charged for each system / equipment separately. The subscription fee is paid in advance. At the end of the month a report of the works is made and a total payment is made. This total is added to the next invoice along with the subscription fee for the following month.


        The first hour is fully charged, after which time counting is done through 15 minute intervals. Pricing and counting of time is done in this way also in the case of subscription as well as in the case of non-subscription interventions.


      If the number of subscription hours or interventions has depleted, extra interventions may be required, according to that grid.

      NPG does not guarantee the hardware purchased from another company and does not get licensed or paid monthly software packages that your company is working on.



System Maintenance