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About Internet

The Internet is a super-network of computer networks all over the world, in a continuous expansion, radically changing the way of communication in the contemporary world. The internet is a huge library, a fast mailing tool, a new publishing environment and a means of worldwide information dissemination. It is a genius invention this way of electronic communication: simple, democratic, interactive, capable - at least potentially - to eliminate geographical discrimination. It does not matter if you are in a distant place or in a metropolis: you have equal access to the same sources of information.


When you're connected to the Internet, your computer becomes an extension of what appears as a giant computer, a branch computer all over the world. In fact, your computer "communicates" simultaneously with another computer or millions of computers in the world. Tens of thousands of networks everywhere on earth are interconnected, exchanging information among themselves; Millions of people use this system every day.


From a technical point of view, the Internet is comprised of several computer networks (LANs - Local Area Networks and WAN - Wide Area Networks). There are basically two major areas where the internet is used:         

  • Communication a) E-mail to send and receive messages b) Discussion lists that allow you to participate in discussions and exchanges of information in professional groups c) Newsgroups (newsgroups) Which allow consultation or participation in public newsgroups d) Chat allowing online communication of two or more users         
  • Information through remote access and information sources a) World Wide Web (or web) through which you can access and browse through web pages (B) FTP (File Transfer Protocol) that allows you to send and receive information to and from a remote location. C) Telnet that provides The possibility of accessing remote computers. The number of computers connecting to the Internet increases every minute so it would be difficult to give an exact result. But their estimates are found on the Internet and we will help you find them yourself!



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