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Network types.What is a network?

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From a topology point of view, a network can be Bus sau Star.Star means that all computers in the network are connected to a node (which can be a hub, switch, server, router, etc)through its own connection and the nodes are connected to Other nodes, etc. , Resulting in a "tree" network. TheBus has all the computers connected to the same communication line, such as connecting a coaxial cable BNC - Bayonet Network Connector (Coaxial switching from one PC to another). Modem connection (either analog or DSL ) is also star , because you have a dedicated or dedicated line that connects a single PC to the modem on the server.


In terms of scope, it is classified into LAN and WAN . LAN (Local Area Network) designates a small network (office, building, institution) that is constantly on-line and of high speed. WAN (Wide Area Network) is a geographically wide network, usually of lower speed (because it costs) and less reliable, providing only limited connectivity ( Internet ). The essential difference between them, from a functional point of view, is that traffic assures LAN all packets of data (regardless of type) are transmitted by the hub or switch from any node / pc to any other , Depending on the MAC of the network switch (level II switching), while WAN are only packets of a certain type (communication protocol) Based on IP , which is uniquely assigned to the world ( level III switching ).



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